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Cape Cod’s Newest Dispensary Harnesses the Power of Branding to Make A Splash In The Market


Emerald Grove is a cannabis dispensary on Cape Cod founded by brothers Tim and Alex Jamoulis.


Opened in spring 2021, the store offers a luxurious, modern retail experience for adult-use consumers.


The team focuses on environmental sustainability, quality products, and educating customers.


The situation...


The challenge...

The client approached Dunlavey Solutions with a specific goal in mind: Achieving a values-driven brand identity that represents their passions - Cape Cod and a mystical, quirky element.


While Emerald Grove is a nod to World of Warcraft, they found it equally important to reflect the local landscape to relate to their customer base, which comprises Cape Cod vacationers and local traffic.


As a brand-new dispensary, the client also sought to use their website to grow their audience online. And as a result, garner leads for new customers and potential employees.

A reliable partner

Dunlavey Solutions started with the Storybrand method to create Emerald Grove's branding identity and on-brand messaging.


A suite of content was created, including website content and case studies.


To make sure they attracted the top-quality staff they needed to launch their dispensary, a Careers page was added to the website.


The client received unique, user-friendly website content that speaks directly to their target audience. It encompasses a cohesive set of brand standards to set them apart in the cannabis industry. 


Since their launch, they have consistently outperformed expectations, thanks to laser-focused messaging and a scalable content strategy. Emerald Grove is the third search engine result in their area, and its foot traffic has become a major driver of sales

Results that shine

Let's bring YOUR brand to life.

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