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Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions, and I'm here to answer them. I prioritize transparency to build a foundation of trust between us. If you have any other questions, please do reach out!


How do you develop and maintain your customer's brand voice?

What is your copywriting process?

How do you approach content creation with on-page SEO?

What do you feel are the most important elements of copywriting?

How do you handle and incorporate feedback?

How do you capture a company's voice?

How do you handle stress and work with deadlines?

What makes for great content?

What are your payment terms?

Can I afford your services?

Do you guarantee an ROI?

Do you have a LinkedIn profile?

Ideally, the company has already developed its customer avatars and I go from there. In case they haven’t, I developed a creative brief that naturally defines their goals.


If that doesn’t help, I:


  • Determine who benefits from the product or service

  • What their pain points are

  • What their relevant benefits should be

  • What tone of voice is appropriate

  • Where they hang out and what their interests are

I first go over the creative brief and review notes from meetings to make sure I clearly understand the project requirements. I collaborate with the designer to see how much room for the copy I have, then I get to work. I then do concepting, then the outline of the copy, and finesse the body until it’s your new favorite marketing tool.

I apply best practices for SEO copywriting:

  • First I do keyword research and work it naturally into the web copy

  • I also make sure the keywords and phrases are included in the title and header tags and the meta description

  • I format the image alt text to include a touch of SEO

  • I also try to incorporate internal and respected external links

  • High-level research and gathering data from reputable sources has been performed

  • It’s formatted to read easily, with short paragraphs and imagery used to break up space

  • It establishes a voice of authority and relates to the specific audience

  • It has actionable, practical content for the reader to feel the value of reading all the way through

I don’t take it personally.  It’s about the content and not ‘me’, I stay level-headed and take on the feedback that ultimately makes the content better and more in line with the brief. If I happen to disagree with the feedback, I offer my thought process for context, but ultimately, I’m going to incorporate feedback cheerfully and correctly.

I would refer to any brand guidelines the company may have, or if It is an existing company without brand guidelines, I would reference the website, social, and other materials to get a sense of the company’s personality. If it were a new business, I would speak to the founder/CEO to be sure that we can define the brand voice together. 

I’m the kind of person that would rather be an hour early than a minute late, so I’m pretty aggressive with my deadlines. My multitasking skills are on point, so it’s never been an issue. I’m pretty easy-going despite being super serious about my work. That doesn’t stress me out because I love the adrenaline rush of beating the clock (without sacrificing quality, of course).

A dynamic, multi-pronged strategy that offers consistent value to its target audience ensures that your marketing campaign is at peak performance. Content that is valuable to your prospect, increases brand awareness, and travels your sales funnel efficiently.

Payment is expected before services begin. I invoice per project, not per hour so we both know what our numbers are. I'm also open to monthly retainers where I'm available for your needs as they come up. 

I take pride in offering moderate prices that are in line with my experience, skills, and proven success. You won't get a ridiculously high quote from me, but you're also not going to get rock bottom prices.


Great marketing tools are a wise and necessary investment for your company's growth. The extra added value of working with me is that I incorporate SEO and UI/UX elements into all of my work. You're not just getting pretty words. You're getting copy that is optimized to increase your SERP ranking while engaging your target audience.

I will do everything in my power to deliver you a shiny new product that is ready to be implemented and succeed, however, after that point, your return on investment depends on how successfully you can utilize it.

Absolutely. I'd love for you to get to know my qualifications and experience better. Feel free to view my profile.


Quantifiable Success

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