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Massachusetts Dispensary Refines Marketing Strategy and Wins
Top Award Two Years In a Row



The situation...


Full Harvest Mooz is a women-owned and operated recreational startup dispensary in Massachusetts that opened in 2021. The team had a very intentional mission to share: to bring healing to the mind, body, and spirit and create balance and wellness from within. 


The two resourceful owners did much of the marketing and messaging themselves during its startup phase. It didn’t take long, however, for Full Harvest Moonz to realize that their messaging wasn’t aligning with their ideal customer, and perhaps they had missed a few steps along the way.

The challenge...

 Full Harvest Moonz had the existing visual branding set but a very minimal digital presence. Their original attempt at DIY branding left them unhappy with their messaging. They were frustrated and ready for a full makeover.


They would need a full suite of marketing assets with a cohesive and engaging content strategy. And to grow their business organically, their content needed to be optimized for search engines to increase their local search results ranking. The challenge was to capture the energy of Full Harvest Moonz’s original messaging and fuse that energy with their new, clarified branding.


We saw the play...


Evaluating Full Harvest Moonz’s needs, Dunlavey Solutions started by clarifying its target audience and creating its brand story. We then mapped the buyer’s journey to develop a content strategy that could be executed across channels, such as organic content, paid search, and social media. 


Through technical on-page SEO best practices and a well-thought-out content strategy, we undertook the content creation needed to establish the Full Harvest Moonz brand as a leader in the industry. With organic blog content ranging from scientific pieces explaining the Endocannabinoid System to more brand-oriented such as a sit-down with the President and CEO of the company, the website was set to be a hub of value-based content.


With quality website content and a strong brand story, we created a lead magnet package. By leveraging the landing page, we could increase website traffic and online sales while simultaneously building a relationship with potential customers via email.

...and knocked it outta the park.

With a value-driven strategy that aligned with Full Harvest Moonz’s larger business goals, Dunlavey Solutions helped achieve balance across channels. The result was a strong foundation of organic content to create paid campaigns around and lift brand awareness, community engagement, and sales. 


After the initial setup, we measured results through monthly reporting and adjusted the campaign strategy as needed to increase conversions and online engagement.


Through full-service digital marketing services – mainly organic SEO, content writing, and email marketing – Full Harvest Moonz went on to win both the 2021 & 2022 Best Dispensary Bons Award – Editors Choice and now boasts a beautiful brand online and a stampede of foot traffic.


Want results like these? Reach out today!

“We never could have imagined that our brand could grow by so

much so quickly. Dunlavey Solutions really knows their stuff!”

Michaela Ristuccia, Co-Founder & President

Making Your Offer Irresistible Since 2017

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