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Compliments of Dunlavey Solutions

Your inbound marketing program relies on a constant rotation of fresh, engaging content to keep your prospect surfing your sales funnel. That's not always easy! So make the most out of your content strategy by making sure your work is SEO optimized.

Wondering what that involves? Worry not, I've got you covered.


I've made a template for you to use when you create a new blog post so you can:

  • Research and know your keywords and phrases

  • Have your images and graphics ready to be added

  • Know what your competitors are doing- so you can do it better!

  • Know precisely how to format your blog post for the best user experience

  • Structure your blog requirements for easy handoff


So go ahead and sign up for this FREE template. It's going to speed up your blog writing AND make sure you get them right every time!

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