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GG Leagues Rebrand

GGLeagues is a premier esports brand taking the recreational gaming space by storm. They've tapped into the recreational, educational, and social aspects of gaming to teach players valuable life skills and give them a place to connect over a shared passion authentically.

The brand stands for fun, positivity, teamwork, sportsmanship, and friendly competition (GG stands for Good Game, after all!). Our text was simple, concise, and infused with the brand's lively identity. This voice gives viewers a true sense of who GGLeagues is, what it offers, and what it's like playing on the brand's esports platform.

We'll walk you through the services we provided—and the impressive outcomes we facilitated.

Services Provided

Brand Messaging

Content Strategy

Email Marketing


Landing Pages

Paid Ads

Paid Social Media

Web Copy

Video Scripts


Web Copy


We focused on creating authentic messaging that will continue to build a loyal gaming community. We considered the user experience when crafting our web copy, ensuring that our messaging resonates with GG League's target audience. We then included powerful calls to action that encourage their users to take the next step.

Landing Pages

We recommended strategic informational landing pages that gained parental buy-in, provided clear calls-to-action to entice players to join a league or tournament, and provided simple instructions on how to do so.

Video Scripts

Like Twitch, YouTube is an incredible resource for sharing esports matches, providing tournament recaps, and highlighting the many benefits of gaming. The channel is the world’s second-largest search engine to Google. We capitalized on that to engage potential members and build authority in the space.

Our team built several YouTube Playlists for the GGLeagues channel organized by category/audience:

  • Info for Parents

  • GGLeagues How To’s

  • Match Previews

  • Previous Event Matchups

Creating more diverse content such as live streams, tutorials, interviews, and talking heads segments were additional ideas we provided for developing connections with audiences.

Paid Social Media

With the right messaging and targeting, we knew we could attract the type of gamers GGLeagues wanted to add to its roster. Here’s how we did it:

We recommended multiple paid social media campaigns that ran for 45 days to increase sign-ups.


Here’s a snapshot of the noteworthy paid social performance averages across all campaigns:


Average cost per sign-up: $6
New users from social: 1,062
Link clicks: 8,547 ($1.30 per click)
Click Through Rate: 0.69%
1,016 total Weeklies sign-ups


Paid Search

In early 2022, GG Leagues asked Dunlavey Solutions for help writing paid search ads. The goal of the campaign was to increase traffic to its website via free sign ups and ultimately convert those users to become paid members of league and purchase season passes.

We created three search campaigns accompanied by a national YouTube campaign. By using both branding and conversion channels, we were able boost both sign ups and awareness of these local tournaments.

The result?

Here is a snapshot of the performance over time:


The baseline in March 2022 was: $2,248 Spent, 33 Leads, $68/lead
April 2022: $4,277 Spent, 90 Leads, $48/lead
May 2022: $4,934 Spent, 658 Leads, $8/lead
June 1-23, 2022: $1,778 Spent, 751 Leads, $2/lead

​As you can see, we achieved exceptional improvements in every metric in 90 days by working closely with GGLeague's graphic designer and employing data-driven optimization. Our work accumulated hundreds of daily sign-ups, many of which became paid members wanting to participate in its featured tournaments.


We are thrilled that we were able to help GGLeagues surpass its goals within the first three months, and we're proud that the results continue to improve with time.

“There was so much to figure out and we weren't sure where to start. Dunlavey Solutions helped us with content strategy which ended up being the key to unlocking our growth. The best part is that they created the path for our audience to follow and for us to lead.”

Erich Bao


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