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Trusting someone with your marketing campaign is a big deal. Every dollar matters, no matter what size your company. It’s important to find someone with the combination of technical skills, creativity, and corporate experience it takes to deliver outstanding results.


With a background in Communications, Project Management, and over a decade of corporate experience, I have the in-depth understanding of how my work impacts your business. That's unusual for a creative person like a copywriter. By applying my extensive business knowledge to our partnership, I understand aspects that others without the same experience do not.


  • Have confidence in your project's performance

  • Protect the integrity of your brand voice

  • Set your marketing campaign up for historic success

When you work with Dunlavey Solutions you’re working with an expert that’s laser-focused on your company’s growth.


Content Writing That Excites


You're looking for a content writer that understands the importance of SEO. I apply a uniform process for my articles that ensures brand continuity, increased exposure, and target audience interaction.

Content Strategy

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Health and Wellness


Website Rebrand

Client: Team Praxis 

Team Praxis is a SAAS provider of health practice management software. Its software allows medical professionals to easily manage their business with a suite of tools.



To create a new, clarified brand identity to demonstrate the inherent value that utilizing the TeamPraxis software provides to medical professionals managing their own practices. The client desired an expansive About section while maintaining a client-focused approach.



In order to balance the desired About component with the need to be client-centric, I applied the Storybrand framework to shape an engaging journey for the target audience. By identifying their underlying needs, I was able to connect the benefits of using TeamPraxis as the solution to their pain points of running a busy practice. I used this framework to order my messaging for each page.


After the successful rebranding of their website, conversion rates increased by 15%.

Sales Page 


Client: The Shift Network  

The Shift Network is a large educational platform that hosts hundreds of personal development and wellness courses. 


To create a sales page with a strong opening that keeps the reader engaged, is easy to follow, and follows a specific framework established by The Shift Network. The sales page must clearly explain the concepts of the course.


Following the creative brief, I applied The Shift Network standard sales page framework, incorporating social proofs, bonuses, and guarantees to encourage visitors to register. 


Initial registrations directly from the Sales page exceeded expectations by 45%.

Sales Emails

Client: EMyth

Emyth is a nationally recognized business coaching company with a series of bestselling coaching books.



The client has enjoyed a considerable history of successes and their company has evolved since their previous About page. They also identified additional values that they wanted to be included in their story since they’ve grown. The About page needed to be consistent with the rest of the website branding, which limited some formatting choices.


Since they offer a systematic method for operating a business, I chose a timeline to illustrate the sequence of successes e-myth consistently achieved. The timeline acts as a parallel to the success that the target audience can achieve by following EMyth’s program. To keep the About page uniform with the rest of the website, I kept it clean and simple, sharing their values in a way that makes the target audience feel supported and creates excitement.



The company did a major campaign roll-out of its new About page, increasing traffic by 38% and increasing conversions by 22%.


Client: The Shift Network

The Shift Network is a large educational platform that hosts hundreds of personal development and wellness courses. 



In conjunction with the assigned Sales page, the challenge was to create a series of long-form emails to promote the course. Both should adhere to The Shift Network’s framework for email marketing. 



After reviewing the creative brief,  I included a video to immediately command attention. I then created curiosity by briefly explaining the components of the course. I chose the P.S. field to highlight the benefits to make them stand out more. 



The email campaign experienced a 37% CTR, significantly better than the typical response rate for similar courses offered on The Shift Network.

About Page


Product Descriptions

Client:  Thistle Farms 


Thistle Farms is a nonprofit social enterprise dedicated to helping women survivors recover and heal from prostitution, trafficking, and addiction. 



The original product descriptions were not meeting sales expectations. As this is a nonprofit whose services rely on sales, the client urgently required new product descriptions to dramatically increase sales and conversions.



The purpose of the organization is to create comfort, serenity, and safety for women who are recovering from trauma. In order to connect the importance of each customer’s purchase for these women, I chose wording that evokes these qualities. I also wrote the product descriptions in a way that tied in with the mission of the organization.



The organization enjoyed a 67% increase in sales after the completion of this project, proving that they had the traffic, just not the optimal copy before this project.


Working with Raquel of Dunlavey Solutions was SUCH a pleasure. She not only made it easy to work with her, but the actual deliverable far exceeded my expectations. From creative brief to final webpage copy, she was on-point, creative, and professional. She really brought my brand to life - with WORDS. I don't understand it, but she did it. Would work with her again in a heartbeat.

Raquel helped me re-write the copy on my website. She really understood how to talk to my specific customer. I highly recommend reaching out to Raquel for any of your copywriting needs.

Lauren Rodgers, Owner

Lauren Rodgers Language Academy

Brit Miniciello, Owner

The Grassroots CEO

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Hello, I’m Raquel


As a copywriting professional, I take your dreams and goals for your company and create a powerful marketing tool that is skillfully crafted with one goal- to create a meaningful connection between your offering and your customer’s desires.


I use my considerable experience in both the corporate and creative world to create messaging that sends YOUR sales soaring. Being both left and right-brained gives me the advantage of being able to intuitively understand the customer journey and how your messaging affects the overall success of your marketing campaign. 

 I know precisely what your client needs to hear because I’ve been working with B2B and E-Commerce clients myself for decades.


The tale of $3.4 million….


Here are the numbers for one of my favorite email marketing campaigns that I personally spearheaded because I thought there was money to be made there, despite my team’s uncertainty.


Cold Emails sent 1,030

Cold Emails that were opened 86%

Cold Emails that replied 78%

Replies that converted 70%


These are people that were not previously in our sales funnel. I basically made $3.4 million appear out of thin air!

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