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You’ve worked hard to get where you are. Finding a copywriter that is going to make your life easier while delivering exciting copy shouldn’t be so rare. 


You deserve more than an average partnership. You deserve a VIP one where your needs are anticipated and met promptly.


With a background in Executive Communications and Project Management, I have the in-depth understanding of how my work impacts your business. That's unusual for a creative person like a copywriter. By applying my extensive business knowledge, I understand nuances that others do not.

Have confidence in your project's performance


Protect the integrity of your brand voice


Set your marketing campaign up for historic success


When you work with Dunlavey Solutions you’re working with an expert that’s laser-focused on your company’s growth and your flawless experience.

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Thoroughly Researched.

Technically Structured.

Emotionally Engaging.

Powerfully Effective.

 A uniform process that ensures brand continuity, increased exposure, and target audience interaction.

Digital Marketing

Health and Wellness



Website Copy

Challenge: The client helps medical device manufacturers communicate and distribute their promising scientific data with the many stakeholders involved in bringing a product to market. My challenge was to get acquainted enough with this high level niche to meet the client's expectations for clear, concise copy that tapped into the emotional benefits to their client of choosing to work with them.


Solution: Using keywords and phrases as well as guidance from the client and competitor websites, I began a deep dive into the world of medical affairs, with a focus on commonly experienced issues to use in my copy. I then plugged this research into my Storybrand framework and the messaging came easily.

Result:  The clients are thrilled with their new web copy and are looking forward to revamping their website in early 2023 as the centerpiece of their marketing strategy.


About Page



The client has enjoyed a considerable history of successes and their company has evolved since their previous About page. They also identified additional values that they wanted to be included in their story since they’ve grown. The About page needed to be consistent with the rest of the website branding, which limited some formatting choices.


Since they offer a systematic method for operating a business, I chose a timeline to illustrate the sequence of successes e-myth consistently achieved. The timeline acts as a parallel to the success that the target audience can achieve by following EMyth’s program. To keep the About page uniform with the rest of the website, I kept it clean and simple, sharing their values in a way that makes the target audience feel supported and creates excitement.



The company did a major campaign roll-out of its new About page, increasing traffic by 38% and increasing conversions by 12.8%.

Website Rebrand


To create a new, clarified brand identity to demonstrate the inherent value that utilizing the TeamPraxis SAAS software provides to medical professionals managing their own practices. The client desired an expansive About section while maintaining a client-focused approach.



In order to balance the desired About component with the need to be client-centric, I applied the Storybrand framework to shape an engaging journey for the target audience. By identifying their underlying needs, I was able to connect the benefits of using TeamPraxis as the solution to their pain points of running a busy practice. I used this framework to order my messaging for each page.


After the successful rebranding of their website, conversion rates increased by 27%.



Edit the knowledge database of over 500 mini-articles within a popular fitness app to create a friendlier, more upbeat tone that was easier to understand and also encouraged users to upgrade to the premium subscription offer. The client specifically wanted the AIDA formula followed. A unique challenge was writing in a way that added pleasure to the app user experience.


After reviewing the creative brief and doing a deep dive as app user, I transformed each informative article into fun bite size factoids that keep the reader engaged and entertained. Dieting can be overwhelming. My approach turned Arise into their trusted Guide and a source of entertainment as well.



The client was thrilled with the revamped library. Six months after it was fully completed their monthly subscription numbers had been increasing by an average of 15% each month.

Sales Page


Write a Sales page for a weight-loss program that was inspiring and didn't go overboard on it's promises. The client's program is mind-set based and they didn't want to fat shame people into taking their course.


A classic sales page structure that focused on beneficial outcomes instead of current failures. Complete with testimonials and attention grabbing headlines, this sales page lays out the program details in an easy to understand format.



Initial registrations for this brand new course exceeded their expectations by 25%.


Landing Pages


Tie together the client's multiple lines of service into one landing page.


I started with a loud and clear call-to-action and led with the benefits of each of the client's offers. Since there were multiple offers involved, I made the CTA messaging simple and bold.


The client's email subscriber lists grew by 9,500 within the first week of launch. After the first month, they'd gained over 18,000 subscribers.



In this selfie era, the challenge was to convince parents of the benefits of taking a photography classes. The free course was a lead magnet.


Using the Storybrand method, I created a clarified message that goes right to the heart of what the client does. Then I added social proof and briefly highlighted the difference between snapshots and photos.


The client had a conversion rate of 6.25% for this landing page and enrolled over 3,000 attendees in first campaign round.

Video Script


Clarify that the service is family recovery coaching, not traditional substance use treatment and convey the unique benefits that this particular method of coaching offers.



My opening was designed to help the viewer quickly self-identify and draw them in. I incorporated imagery reflecting a peaceful journey to create a growing sense of hope and excitement in the reader.



Paired with social proof and powerful supporting images, this video sales letter increased conversions by a whopping 10%.

Storytelling Example


Create an emotionally gripping fundraising letter for a nonprofit that serves children. 



After doing market research on the best audience to send the letter to and developing their avatar, I began to craft a story for the reader. By speaking about one of the children the organization served, I humanized the fundraising appeal. It also added social proof.


The campaign was a huge success! They outpaced their previous year's donations by over $90,000.


Email Campaign:
Webinar Email Series


Create an upbeat, invigorating email series for a webinar that inspired confidence in the reader that they could succeed with this program. The brand voice was much bubblier than my previous experience, and I was concerned about being "over the top" with messaging.


The first thing I did was research the client's existing digital assets to identify the baseline brand voice. Then I spent some time talking with the owner of the company to adapt to her speaking style.


Attendance increased by over 12,000 compared to the previous year.

Email Campaign:
Customer Reactivation

Email Campaign: Customer Experience


Organically grow their mailing list and promote an ambassador program to increase brand loyalty, exposure and sales.


theSkimm has a friendly, upbeat personality- especially in their newsletters. I reviewed previous newsletters to determine their existing brand voice. Then I used the creative brief to ensure that the copy addressed the objectives while staying on brand.


This email went out to over 10,000 subscribers. It increased subscriptions by over 4,000.


Email Campaign: Client Reactivation


After some growing pains in customer service, the company needed to regain lost customers. I had to find a way to turn this into a positive. 


I decided to address the previous issues in a way that sounded exciting and promising. I also made sure to briefly highlight the primary benefits of reactivating their membership.


After this email campaign, they regained 26% of their subscribers.


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