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8 Hot Tips For Writing Great Blog Posts


1. Find Out What People Are Searching For

The first and most important step in writing your blog is to find out what people are interested in learning about your topic. You can do this by going to Answer The Public and entering keywords and phrases. It will return a ton of results for what questions people are asking about a certain topic. Use some of these common questions that are being asked for your headers (H2s). You may also find questions that you can save for future blog posts.

Beware– If you skip this step, you won’t rank as high, and you may miss the mark with your article.

2. Make The Title of Your Article Catchy

You need a hook to get people interested in your article. My article, These 7 Copywriting Tips From the X-Men Will Bring You More Sales is a perfect example. It creates curiosity and it increased the traffic to my website by 236% overnight. Now that’s worth taking the time to develop some catchy titles for your content.

3. Keep Your Content Laser-Focused

A golden rule to writing great content is to focus on just one topic for each piece of content you write. You’ll want to start by researching keywords related to your main idea to get a feel for what kind of questions people are asking; then you’ll use your blog to address them. Ahrefs has a free keyword generator to help you decide on your topic.

Zoom in on the Topics That Matter

4. Create a Well-Structured Outline

An outline is the foundation for any blog post, and using them has many benefits.

An outline makes sure that:

  • The copy does not lose focus

  • Provides a clear direction for the reader to follow.

  • You can use headers as writing prompts, saying goodbye to writer’s block

  • You can communicate the requirements of the article if you are outsourcing the writing

Identifying Your Important Points

The next step in creating an outline is to list all the points that need to be covered in your section topics in order of importance.

The most important point should be first and then followed with less important points in descending order until you reach information about how to contact them or what they offer as their product or service.

Create A Road Map For Your Reader

Writing the body of the text

The body of the text is where you elaborate on the points you made in the outline. You should be able to expand upon these points and describe how they are relevant to your argument. You can also provide examples or statistics that support your point. Try to include the section title in the body of your header topics to help increase your search results ranking.

Editing and proofreading

Once you have finished your article, it will be time to review it again. Whenever possible, give yourself some time away from the article. You‘ll be proofreading with fresh eyes and will be more likely to catch any mistakes. You'll want to review your text and ensure there are no grammatical, spelling, or punctuation mistakes. If you’re writing for a company, be sure you’re following their style guide. And if you don’t have your own style guide, be sure to make one! I can help you figure that out if you need help.

5. Develop Your Blog Post in an Easy-to-Read Layout

Make Your Blog Easy To Follow With A Well-Structured Layout

The layout of your content is crucial to its success. It can make your article easier to read and more visually appealing. The way that you organize your content can have a big influence on how people perceive it. We will go over the most popular elements and give some tips on how you can create a dynamic layout for your ideas.

There are many choices you can use when developing a blog post:

  • Elements on the page: text, images, video, links

  • Lists: bullets, numbers, images

  • Grid layouts: squares or rectangles with columns or rows

For complex information, break into sections with subheads below each section header (those will be H3s). Put your most important content near the top of the page, and use visual cues to highlight important information. When using images with a person in them, choose one that faces your text.

6. Find a Unique Voice and Style

Don't Be Afraid To Show Some Personality

You must find your voice and style to write content that engages and converts. This is what sets you apart from other writers.

A unique voice can be achieved by:

  • Using different words that are not commonly used in the industry

  • Choosing a tone that is different from others in the industry

  • Creating your own style guide

7. Implement Best SEO Copywriting Practices for Maximum Conversions

Blog posts can’t be all about SEO or keywords. Ultimately, you need your reader to follow your article all the way down to your Call-To-Action and hit that conversion button. That is the most important goal of content writing.

And if you want to understand how on-page SEO works, I’ve written an article that shows you how to increase the performance of your blog posts and SERP ranking (search engine results page).

8. Up Your Game With This Free SEO Blog Template

That’s right! I’m sharing my blog template to help you organize your content and ensure it’s SEO optimized. You’ll have all the information you need in one place for every blog post you write. And if you’re outsourcing your writing, this is the perfect way to share your requirements.

Go Forth and Write Your Heart Out

Now that I’ve spilled the beans on how to write awesome copy, the Copywriting Magic Association may come after me. But I’ll deal with them another day; you’re worth the risk! These tips will make writing blog posts go much smoother for you and speed up the writing process over time.

One Last Thing

I love sharing my hard-won knowledge to help other businesses grow and achieve ridiculously amazing results. But if you decide you would rather hire a professional, Dunlavey Solutions is ready to put you in the fast lane to getting your content out into the world, gaining leads, and increasing conversions.

Let's have a chat and explore your content strategy to make sure that you aren't missing any opportunities to get your name out there and show the world what makes your business special.


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