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Get Your Story Straight: How to Write an Irresistible Brand Story That Converts

The beginning of a story: Once upon a time...
A compelling brand story is customer catnip.

Each of us is starring in our personal reality show, but most companies focus their marketing on what they offer. If your marketing focuses on your business and what it offers, it's a commercial, and there aren't many commercial enthusiasts in the world. To position your business as the ideal solution to their needs, develop a brand story that focuses on your customer's needs.

In this article, you'll learn how to develop or refine your brand story to get MORE leads, MORE conversions, and MORE brand loyalty.


Why Brand Storytelling Matters

Brand stories force the brain to focus on the story. When done right, your marketing will be more compelling. And studies have shown that people remember facts 22 times more when presented in story form. Are you willing to give up the spotlight? If you do, your opportunities for success are endless.


My Brand Storytelling Journey

When I started my copywriting business, I aimed to develop a brand voice that established my authority and featured my services. Yet, once I discovered the concept of Brand Storytelling, I questioned my approach. I wanted to be in the show, not the commercials!

A picture of a maze representing my journey while creating my brand's story.
Don't let this happen to you, keep reading!

As a chronic overachiever, I began my journey into brand storytelling by becoming a Certified Storybrand guide. The Storybrand method is a technical framework that creates crystal clear messaging that puts the prospect at the center.

It was a big investment and time intensive, but I revamped my entire marketing campaign and assets once I finished the training.

Was it worth it?

I outpaced my Q3 projections by early Q2 in 2022.


How To Become A Badass Brand Storyteller

Adapting your company's story to resonate with your reader will change the course of your business. Here is a method to help you discover yours:

A press conference representing the need to give your Hero a voice in your brand story.
Can you repeat that?

1. Give Your Hero A Voice

Start by identifying your Hero and the main problem that your offer solves. Take it one step further and ask yourself what their underlying need is. And to get to the nitty-gritty, ask yourself why these two problems are plain wrong. Every great story needs a villain, and this is an excellent way to identify your reader's villain.

Take a Nespresso coffee machine. It's marketed as a luxury item. Their external problem is that they want better-tasting coffee. Your villain could be coffee makers that don't live up to the hype.

2. Empathize

Speak to their underlying needs to position yourself as a trusted guide. That will compel them to follow your message to the end.

You already know that the external problem your prospects face is coffee makers that don't live up to the hype. Their internal problem is that they want their coffee machine to make them feel sophisticated. Your empathy statement could be, "You shouldn't have to be a barista to make gourmet coffee at home."

3. Build Your Case

Making the case for why your solution is perfect for your prospect.
Showcase the successes. Warn of the failures.

Help your reader visualize the success they'll experience with your company by identifying 3-5 examples. Now describe 2-5 failures that your solution helps them avoid.

For example:


  • Better tasting coffee

  • They have a happier start to their day

  • No more disappointment with subpar coffee

  • They can make coffee better than Starbucks without leaving the house


  • Disappointment in quality

  • Doesn't give you the motivation you need in the morning

4. Lead The Way

Now that your future client is engaged, lead them to your solution by including 3-4 clear and actionable steps. For example:

  • Visit our website and check out our latest flavors.

  • Use this 15% discount code to place your Nespresso order today

  • Enjoy free shipping when you spend $150

Bows, ribbon, and scissors to wrap up your brand story.
Create a story that wraps every element together.

5. Wrap It Up In A Bow

With these insights, you can determine the overarching message you want to convey to your target audience. Thanks to your work, you'll be highlighting your company as the solution to their problems- even ones they didn't know they had!

When you buy a Nespresso machine, you'll never be disappointed by your coffee again. Your mornings will start with Nespresso's frothy deliciousness, setting you up for a great day. And you'll have a variety of flavors to choose from. No more boring old coffee or coffee that leaves a bad taste in your mouth. You'll be making better coffee than that barista down the street.


Brand Storytelling For The Win

Reap the benefits of a people-centric messaging approach and win big.

Redirecting your company's story will lead to growth and better client relationships. You'll notice faster conversions and more activity in your sales funnel. Brand storytelling is how to reach the next chapter of your Success Story. Time to start writing!


If You Need Help Writing Your Brand Story

Congrats! You've just learned the basics of the Storybrand method without spending more than $5k and hours of learning. Work your way through the process, and if you find yourself stuck, I offer a few options for help with your branding:

Full branding identity: I work with startup businesses to develop their brand identity, messaging, and marketing assets like lead magnets, blog content, and email sequences.

Branding Academy for Wayward Companies: Sometimes, a company's brand voice gets slightly fuzzy over time. In the Branding Academy, we review all your marketing assets together. I then make any changes needed to get you back on track with gusto.

DIY Branding: I offer a DIY package for those on a budget. It includes a templated guide, a Trello board to keep your branding organized, and several individual consultations to help you brainstorm.

Watch your sales soar when your messaging focuses on your prospect. Dunlavey Solutions can help!
The right brand story will skyrocket your growth.
Reach out if you'd like to save your time for more important things while dramatically increasing your revenue.

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