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Is Your Brand Voice Messy? This 5-Minute Brand Check Doesn’t Lie

Tighten Up Your Brand Voice in 5 Minutes

It’s a slippery slope.

Let’s face it, sometimes a company’s brand voice can get a little fuzzy. How does this happen? In my experience, it’s the exceptions we make, one project or campaign at a time. You know what I’m talking about, right? The ones that didn’t *exactly* capture your voice but were close enough? That’s more dangerous than you think because it doesn’t take many exceptions before your brand has taken an unintentional detour. That’s why your brand messaging is something to be protected and cultivated.


The 5-Minute Brand Check is About Reconnection

Working with my copywriting clients on rebrand campaigns always lights me up. I love taking that original idealism and the hope the founders had for their business and reshaping it into a customer-focused brand story that makes their company shine. Take a look at your About page. How much of that still resonates with you? The 5-Minute Brand Check reconnects you with your ‘why?’


Can You Really Check Your Brand Voice In 5 Minutes?

A thought bubble with scribbles in it represents how our brand voice can get confusing sometimes.

If you’re panicking a little bit thinking about those exceptions you’ve made here and there, fear not! I have an easy way to check your brand voice to help you painlessly tighten up your company’s messaging.

The technique I’m sharing will help you take a step back and recall who/what your company wanted to be when it was founded and see if what you’re sending out to the world still reflects that.

Think of the 5-Minute Brand Check as a “canary in the coal mine” to check your brand voice. If you use this framework to create a new one-liner, and it doesn’t strongly align with your existing identity, it’s a good sign that your brand voice may be in danger.


Recharge Your Brand Voice With the 5-Minute Brand Check

Alright, class, get out a piece of paper so you can brainstorm using this tried and true method for developing your one-liner (just one of the things I learned by becoming a Certified Storybrand Guide). You’ll use your About information and Buyer Persona to find the answers you need to recharge your brand voice quickly. Paraphrase your answers instead of using the same wording.

With this formula, you can create an amazing one-liner that could infuse your business with an energized rush of renewed enthusiasm. Give it a try, and let us know if your one-liners matched up or not.

To create a brand one-liner, identify these five things:

What You Sell What is your product or service?

The Character Who is your client persona?

The Problem What is the conflict?

The Plan Hint at your solution

The Success Paint a picture of life after your customer uses your product

Here’s an example of a one-liner I created for a rebranding client. She had shifted direction in her services and needed her branding to reflect that. And most importantly, she needed to immediately convey that she offered family coaching, not addiction services.

What They Sell: Parent Coaching Sessions

The Character: Parents overwhelmed by their child’s substance use-related behaviors

The Problem: Recovery programs that don’t involve the family

The Plan: Learn how to navigate the emotional demands of addiction with a

proven, evidence-based method to improve your relationship with your


The Success: They feel empowered to help their addicted child. They feel confident

they have the necessary tools to get through this nightmare. They feel

more in control because they understand themselves better.

One Liner:

I teach overwhelmed parents how to navigate their child’s substance use disorder with love and give them the tools to be a guiding star for their family’s recovery.

Pretty amazing trick, right? Now give it a try and check your brand voice. It only takes a few minutes, but the impact on your business is priceless.


Get Your FREE Brand Voice Evaluation

If you’re like most companies that take their brand voice seriously, you know how much consistent messaging can affect your business. If this article has you questioning the strength of your brand voice, reach out for a free brand voice evaluation. We’re always happy to help!

Let’s Make Your Message Crystal Clear

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