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Skyrocket Your Career with Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence In The Workplace

Emotional Intelligence is THE secret to success.

Do you want a JOB, or do you want a CAREER? The difference between those is Emotional Intelligence. Using these skills, you can:

  • Become an inspirational leader

  • Act as a catalyst for change

  • Easily manage conflict

  • Increase teamwork & collaboration

  • Groom future leaders


What Is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional Intelligence Components

First, let’s talk about what Emotional Intelligence is. Dan Goleman, a leading author on Emotional Intelligence (, identified:

Five key components of Emotional Intelligence as:

  • Self Awareness

  • Self Regulation

  • Motivation

  • Empathy

  • Social Skills

Self Awareness

How aware are you of what you do and how you impact others? Are you the guy that takes up two parking spots every day without a second thought? Becoming more aware of how you move in the world is the cornerstone of Emotional Intelligence.

Self Regulation

Do you get easily overwhelmed at work? Have weird dynamics with some coworkers? Developing realistic deliverables and realizing how you genuinely interact with your colleagues can address these issues.


Dealing with swirls of emotions can leave you drained and lacking a sense of purpose. Setting long-term goals can help you keep your focus on the bigger picture and give you perspective on your present.


Everyone is walking around with worries and burdens they don’t speak of, including you. Understanding this universal truth and learning to accept other people’s realities is crucial to cultivating Emotional Intelligence.

Social Skills

People skills are not a prerequisite for Emotional Intelligence. Practicing all of these components will increase your social skills and make it easier to connect with others.


What is Your Emotional Intelligence Score?

Intrigued? Take this quick Emotional Intelligence quiz to find out.

This may be a new concept to you, so take your time and don’t worry about the outcome. Anyone can learn Emotional Intelligence skills. We will cover those tips next.

How To Increase Your Emotional Intelligence?

Here are some tips to sharpen your skills:

  • Increase self-awareness by focusing on how you are feeling in the NOW

  • Inventory your emotions, overall personality, your beliefs, and goals with a standardized personality test

  • Accept yourself as you are, an imperfect agent for good

  • Reduce work anxiety by making your milestones smaller

  • Implement a breathing technique to help with anger

  • Be accountable for your actions and missteps

  • Being generous with your WINS and stingy with your LOSSES will help you view other's work more positively

  • Rediscover your purpose. Does your work fulfill you?

  • Practice Active Listening

  • Study body language

  • Maintain a positive, friendly demeanor

  • Mirror communication styles

Moving Forward

Now that you have a clear understanding of emotional intelligence, it’s time to start making those moves for yourself. You will not regret making changes. It will improve your life and relationships in ways you can’t foresee. Start your adventure today!

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