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These 7 Copywriting Tips From the X-Men Will Bring You More Sales

7 Copywriting Tips From X-Men That Will Bring Your More Sales
Credit: Disney Studios

Looking to tighten up your sales copy for better performance? There are tons of resources on the internet that can help you improve your sales copy. But lucky enough, you get to learn copywritingHow tips from the powerful mutants known as X-Men. I know what you’re thinking- “how on earth can the X-Men help me write better ads?” They have a lot of talents but come on, none of them are marketing geniuses. Hear me out. As you will see, there is much to learn from this scrappy group of mutants.


Copywriting Tip #1 Make a bold entrance.

Storm from X-Men is making a bold entrace, just like you should with your sales copy opening.
Behold! Credit: Disney Studios

The most commanding X-Men is the lovely and electrifying Storm. With her power to control the weather, she never has a problem clearing up space for a dazzling display in the sky. That’s what you want to do too. So go ahead, and add a little razzle-dazzle to your opening.


Copywriting Tip #2 Speak to the audience’s needs.

No one knows how to pierce the tenderest parts of a human’s mind like one Charles Xavier, also known as Professor X. Ah yes, with his talents, he can see what truly motivates people's choices and actions are emotions. And he’s not wrong. Studies have proven that humans make even the most logical decisions based on their emotions.

Charles Xavier knows your underlying needs. Now do the same for your customers.
I'm picking up a strong love of chocolate. Credit: Disney Studios


Just like Quicksilver, you need to quickly convey the benefits of choosing your company to the reader.
These benefits are tasty. Credit: Disney Studios

Copywrting Tip #3 Lead with the benefits.

When you need something done fast, Quicksilver is the man to see. Thanks to his superhuman speed, he knows how to get in, do the thing, and get out a million times faster than a blink of an eye. Your ’thing’ is convincing your target audience to keep reading, so they can convert lickety-split.


Copywriting Tip #4 Bring the pain.

Magneto’s ability to manipulate metal makes him a formidable enemy. The man can crush someone with only his mind! Who is your reader’s enemy? Remind them of all the ways their problem is affecting them. Don’t forget to focus on the emotions attached to their pain points, gently, of course.

Be like Magneto and remind your reader of the ways that their problem is crushing them.
Just a dab of pressure will do. Credit: Disney Studios


Copywriting Tip #5 Paint them a picture.

Perhaps the most powerful psychic on Earth, Jean Gray can make you see whatever she desires, for better or worse. Close your eyes and picture this: you’ve taken my advice and made some changes. And you’ve prepared to wait anxiously to see if it’ll work- but you start seeing immediate results! And all it took was making some adjustments. You’ve just found a new level of success, which wasn’t hard! How does that sound? Pretty amazing, right? And that’s how it’s done. Go forth and paint.

Just like Jean Gray, use your powers to help your reader envision their life after your solution.
You WILL see things my way. Credit: Disney Studios


Angel is the answer to many prayers. Deliver your solutions in a way that speaks to their emotional pain points.
The answer to many prayers. Credit: Disney Studios

Copywriting Tip #6 Present your solution.

With the power of flight, Angel has delivered many of her fellow X-Men safely thanks to her delicate wings. Now is your time to do the same for your reader. But make sure that the way you phrase your solution solves those emotional problems.


Wolverine makes it clear what he wants you to do. Do the same for your customers with a clear call to action.
Can you hear me NOW? Credit: Disney Studios

Copywriting Tip #7 Have a clear call to action.

When it comes to taking action, Wolverine is the man for the job. He’s not afraid to leap into a situation and take control. And with his metal razor-sharp claws, he knows how to make a point. Inspire your reader with a clear call to action and keep it simple. Your copy can only accomplish one goal: you can either make your reader think or make them convert. So be clear with your CTA for maximum conversions.


Now That You’ve Learned Some Helpful Copywriting Tips

It’s time for you to get writing! Have you identified some areas you can tweak on your copy? Are you feeling inspired and empowered yet? I hope so because now it’s time for you to take all these tips and create your own mutant copy that’s more powerful than your competition. Go ahead. You've got this!

And just in case you 'don't got this', Dunlavey Solutions' mutant magic has you covered.

We're always just a button away!

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