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Customized Approach and Healthcare Expertise Drives Patient Acquisition Campaign



They were in a pickle

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After a staffing change in July 2022, the team at Roper St. Francis Healthcare was short-handed and in need of a writer to help with four CRM campaigns aimed at growing patient volume for surgery, a high-value service line. The patient acquisition campaigns had to include landing page content, direct mail, emails, and blog posts, as well as copy for print and social media ads.

The Lid Was Tight

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The writer of their prior CRM campaigns had been with Roper St. Francis for 18 years. When it needed copywriting for several patient acquisition campaigns, it had to be someone who understands healthcare and Roper St. Francis' brand voice, 

There were also a lot of moving parts involved which required multiple deliverables that needed to be optimized for various marketing channels.

We Rolled Up Our Sleeves


We asked detailed questions at the kickoff to get a better sense of the project’s multiple goals and deliverables and to clarify the provider’s brand voice. As an added value, we created their brand style guide to ensure consistent brand messaging across all channels.

Since we had big shoes to fill and a big project to complete, we made sure we thoroughly defined the project's multiple goals and deliverables. We also familiarized ourselves with the previous writer's voice, and as an added value, we created their brand style guide to ensure consistent brand messaging across all channels for future projects.

With so many campaigns, we developed a content strategy that created systems of efficiency and sped up the production of the campaign materials.

Finally, we got to the fun part—crafting the sales copy! 

Thanks to the preliminary work we did, getting four CRM campaigns up and running with a short turnaround time was a breeze.

And Showed That Jar Who's Boss

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The Dunlavey Solutions team was able to deliver the campaign assets to Roper St. Francis well within their deadlines. The campaigns hit the mark on the provider’s voice and tone and the patient acquisition marketing strategy.

In total, the CRM campaigns and content creation generated a 273% increase in patient acquisition.


“Internally, people had no idea that it wasn’t my team writing the campaigns because Dunlavey Solutions was so good at matching our voice and who we are as an organization.” 

Nicole Stevens, Director of Marketing

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