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A People Centered
Marketing Approach 

Every prospect is the hero of their own story.

Does your marketing reflect that? 


They need what you and thousands of other businesses sell, so how do you make sure your market share is impressive?


The secret to true growth is clarifying your message into one that subtly addresses your target audience's underlying needs.


Creating a hero's journey develops trust and enthusiasm for your company that corporations spend millions of dollars annually trying to achieve.

You'll be starting a path towards:

  • Explosive Brand Recognition

  • A Roster Of Enthusiastic Repeat Customers

  • Becoming A Success Phenomenon

Achieving this is simple:

Choose an amazing copywriter, like myself, that understands that the most efficient and meaningful way to reach your clients is by utilizing the powerful effects that storytelling has on humans.


Trust, connection, authenticity.


These are the qualities that Dunlavey Solutions creates between you and your customers. Reach out to start your story today!

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Story Creates Powerful Messaging


It's more than a feel-good notion.


For thousands of years, humans have passed their knowledge and culture on with storytelling. Our bodies react to story on a biological level, and it’s been established that when engaged in a story, our heartbeats sync up and neurochemicals like cortisol and oxytocin (the love hormone) are released.


Can you imagine the potential that your business holds when a prospect connects both psychologically and biologically with your brand? Lasting attachments and good will are forever associated with your company. Once you make the customer the hero of your story,  they’ll follow you loyally towards your goal.


Dunlavey Solutions has the technical and creative expertise to deliver impressive results while enhancing your industry status.

Experience That Gets Results

With 5+ years of experience specializing in copywriting, I understand what it takes to create marketing tools that don't just get the job done. They surpass expectations. Clients enjoy the added value of my SEO and UX/UI design knowledge that I incorporate into every project. You'll always get more than you expected when you work with me.

"I wanted to use Kickstarter to launch my new book and know that I needed very compelling copies to connect with potential backers. I reached out to Dunlavey Solutions, and after a quick chat with Raquel, I knew she was the one to help me. Raquel was thorough with her research and work and delivered an almost perfect first draft. I made some change request based on my personal needs for my project, and she delivered a perfect final draft. I am very happy with Dunlavey Solutions and highly recommend Raquel for your copy needs."

Jacqui Letran, Author and Adolescent Mental Health Advocate

Raquel has been a gem to work with. We engaged with her to write an article on user-friendly web design. What was amazing about her work is that she isn't an expert on UI/UX, yet she was able to write a blog post that is so easy to understand, and defines difficult concepts with ease. We highly recommend her copywriting services!

Zahrra Rohaizad, Co-FounderBlot Workshop

Our Collaborative Process

From the moment you submit a contact form to the end of our endeavor, I've designed a process that makes it easy for us to get started on your project while creating a streamlined, transparent experience where your feedback is welcomed and your satisfaction is assured.


Discovery Call

First impressions are everything. Join me for an engaging 20-minute call to explore your marketing strategy and goals.



 I value your time. Enjoy a streamlined, one-and-done process designed to let me hit the ground running.


Creative Brief

The creative brief ensures I maintain your brand voice and goals. It also avoids confusion, sets expectations, and guarantees your satisfaction.


Your Story Begins

I take your creative brief and turn it into a story that resonates deeply with your target audience. Your job? Prepare for a new level of success.

The Possibilities Are Endless


Revitalize Your Marketing Campaign

When your marketing plans plateau, the secret to your next big money maker is focusing on your prospect's emotional needs. This is where true decisions are made. Dunlavey Solutions helps you build trust and excitement for your products and services.

Create A Community of Loyal Fans

I understand the importance of creating brand loyalty in order to unlock your business's true potential. Over the years, I’ve developed a framework that will increase your revenue and strengthen your brand’s position in the crowded marketplace.

Establish Your Market Dominance

You want to gain new clients, but it’s the established ones that are the key to your success. Your new messaging will gain you a loyal following. With a dynamic, client-focused marketing strategy, you will cement your company as a force to be reckoned with.

Enjoy Unprecedented Growth

You can sense that your company’s next stage of growth and success is just out of your reach. With Dunlavey Solutions, you’ll discover untapped revenue potential when you focus your message on your target audience.


Quantifiable Success

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