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Bite Away Launch Campaign

The initial strategy for Bite Away's launch, which provides instant relief for insect bites and stings, focused heavily on event marketing at the annual SXSW festival in Austin, TX. As COVID-19 forced shutdowns, MibeTec needed to pivot its strategy, reallocating focus on digital channels. That's when Dunlavey Solutions was asked to step in with a full suite of digital products.

Leveraging user experience and strategic content, Dunlavey Solutions developed an integrated campaign approach for the nationwide launch of the electronic medical device on behalf of Berlin-based MibeTec. 


Brand Messaging

Email Marketing


Paid Ads

SEO Web Copy

Video Scripts


Web Copy

MibeTec wanted to convey a warm tone with friendly, easy-to-understand explanations of how the product works without confusing the audience. The challenge was balancing that tone with the necessary legal compliance jargon. As a new medical device, we knew there'd be plenty of questions, so we added an FAQ section. Bite Away had much to prove, so we also emphasized social proof. All of this paid off. Bite Away is included in the top search result for 'insect bites products' in addition to ranking fourth overall.

Email Marketing

A pillar of our overall strategy was email marketing. By creating a journey map, we could write a highly targeted email sales funnel and optimize performance with segmentation and A/B testing.

MibeTec saw an astonishing open rate of 56%, a 10% click-through rate, and a conversion rate of 16% within the first three months.


Video Scripts

We designed these scripts to target the aspirational identity of protecting your family to initiate their journey through Bite Away's sales funnel and position Bite Away as an easy, natural, and safe solution for dealing with annoying insect bites.

Paid Ads

Once we had the email sequences and social media plan up and running, it was time to create some ads to get the word out.

We wanted to convey three things in the ads, but in an engaging way:

  • How the product worked 

  • How it benefited the prospect

  • How to buy the product

The client had asked for vibrant, upbeat, and clever ads. Dunlavey Solutions delivered.




We knew they'd need content that is easy to understand, answers questions, and quickly explains the benefits and features of their medical device in engaging bite-size chunks of information, so we suggested infographics as part of MibeTec’s content strategy. These infographic examples thrilled Team Bite Away.


“With a global pandemic forcing an abrupt change of course, Dunlavey Solutions and MibeTec forged a plan that at the end of 2021 can only be considered successful. Thank you for all that you did last year to make 2021 a positive year for MibeTec!”

Faron Sagebiel  
U.S. Director of Sales and Marketing

MibeTec U.S. Inc.

Making Your Offer Irresistible Since 2017

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