Cannabis Marketing

Rise To the Top of the Industry With Powerful, Laser-Focused Messaging  

The cannabis business is booming, and you’re ready for the ride!


Spoiler: So is everyone else.


Here’s the great news- 

You don’t need the loudest voice or the biggest budget to rise above the competition. You simply need authentic messaging and fresh content that speaks to your prospects and keeps them coming back for more.

Stand Out From The Competition

A fully developed brand voice is the surest way to stand out in a crowd. By applying a specific process, I bring the heart of your business to the surface. I take your values, mission, and existing marketing and synergize them into powerful messaging that builds loyalty.


Harness The Power of a Unique Approach


I apply buyer psychology and science-backed techniques as the framework for every project, so you’re always getting a cutting-edge, high-converting marketing product.


I take your creative brief and your customer persona and further develop it to reveal what they truly desire. Then I craft your message around that unspoken need. 


It’s been three years since I began implementing this approach and the results have been off-the-charts amazing. You’ll notice that with the exception of one project, every item in my portfolio has been created using this innovative method.

When you need dynamic marketing tools that make your business blossom, Dunlavey Solutions has a people-centered approach guaranteed to create deep connections faster, so your revenue flow turns into a waterfall.

Content for Your Sales Funnel That Electrifies Your Prospect

In the cannabis industry, your sales funnel is your greatest asset. With the changing legal restrictions of cannabis marketing, your sales funnel is where you have the freedom to communicate authentically with your prospects. It also builds your SEO ranking, which is hard to do with advertising restrictions on platforms like Google. The content you fill your sales funnel with will determine your level of success.


Common content strategies include:

Blogs*Quizzes*Contests*Pillar Content*Newsletters*

Social Media* Text Messaging*White Papers*

Case Studies*Lead Magnets*Email Sequences

One of my most popular packages is a Lead Magnet Launch. It's been wildly successful for cannabis clients, because it quickly brings in leads and thanks to my years of experience, the conversion rates are spectacular.


It includes:

Lead Magnet/Freebie

Landing Page/Opt-in Page

Thank You Page

and a 5 Email Follow-Up Sequence

You can take a look at the process and give it a try yourself by taking advantage of my FREE GUIDE.

Lead Magnet for Email Sequences.png

When you’re ready to build up your sales funnel and raise your SEO ranking, Dunlavey Solutions has the content strategy experience you need to push beyond your current success. 

Optimize Your Marketing Strategy

There are no missed opportunities with me. I’m resourceful, knowledgeable, and dedicated to your success. 


When you tell me you want a newsletter, I know you're also going to need blog posts to include in order to fully optimize the campaign. I’ll always keep you informed of your best options, and I’ll explain how your new projects will fit into your overall marketing plan, thanks to my Content Strategy experience.


Cannabis Marketing and Legal Restrictions


By state and by city- the rules governing cannabis marketing change from day to day. Choosing a copywriter that understands the enormous risk that your company takes with every project is critical. 


Dunlavey Solutions prides itself on creating informed and ethical marketing tools for your company. As an added layer of protection, all applicable regulations that your business must follow for cannabis marketing are researched and verified to ensure compliance before I begin each project.

Make Bold Moves

The cannabis industry is not for the faint of heart. It takes bold moves and calculated risks to reach the heights you’re aiming for. No matter what your message, Dunlavey Solutions will find a way to make it exciting and profitable.

Stake Your Claim

With marketing tools that dominate the competition


Find Your Tribe

Your clarified messaging will find your people


Build Your Empire

The cannabis industry is yours to conquer

Reach out to get your marketing blazing today!


Quantifiable Success

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