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A Rebrand for Leading Pet CBD Company Reignites Their Growth


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In early 2020, Canna Companion reached out to Dunlavey Solutions for some help. This veterinarian-owned and operated CBD brand for pets has spent over 20 years conducting first-hand research with over 10,000 companion animals to formulate the most reliable CBD pet supplement on the market. 


With this type of diligence, it’s no surprise that the brand wanted to remain a leader in what is now a crowded pet CBD space by slowing down and leading with purpose. From compliance and sustainability to diversity and inclusion, Canna Companion wanted to share its commitment to building an ethical business.

It started with values...

The Canna Companion team partnered with Dunlavey Solutions for messaging that reflected their ideals and to create awareness for their brand while remaining compliant with the complex rules and regulations of the veterinary industry. Additionally, they wanted to update their website and digital assets to showcase this refined messaging in a clear and thoughtful way. But there were a few issues to consider first.



When creating content for a pet CBD brand, compliance can feel like a minefield. Canna Companions struggled to find the right way to communicate the value of its brand to their audience while remaining in compliance with current regulations.

To truly share the impact of their CBD supplements and business practices, Canna Companion’s marketing efforts not only needed to align with their values but also be strategic to get in front of more customers.


At the same time, science-heavy information can get lost on a potential customer. While basics are important, the inner workings and nuances of a pet’s body might be too much for a pet parent looking to help their dog or cat simply feel better. 


Dunlavey Solutions needed to find a way to reflect Canna Companion’s values and convey the value of its products while navigating legal limitations.

The challenge...



  • Develop a brand voice that focused on the human-pet emotional bond instead of the science behind their products

  • Research current regulations for CBD and Veterinary Science prior to beginning project

  • Make the human-pet bond a focal point of the brand for targeted messaging

  • Draw attention to the values Canna Companion cares about above all: patient care, sustainability, and inclusion.

  • Create rebranded, search-optimized website content to increase brand awareness

  • Write SEO blog content that educates pet owners to increase conversions

  • Create highly targeted, segmented email marketing campaigns to increase sales


Dunlavey Solutions started with the basics by using the Storybrand method to develop its new and improved brand story.


With the new value-based approach, Dunlavey Solutions was able to restructure the company’s email marketing as a more strategic platform for attracting, converting, and retaining customers– without pushing sales aggressively.

Finally, we updated Canna Companion’s entire site and the related SEO values with their new messaging to increase organic traffic. We then focused on pushing out valuable thought leadership content with some educational blogs.



Our solution...



By taking a value-based approach and educating consumers, we were able to accelerate brand loyalty. Concerned pet parents became drawn to Canna Companion for its values and what the brand stood for, cultivating a deep loyalty and trust.


Since advertising in the CBD space can be extremely competitive (and expensive), building up Canna Companion’s rankings through SEO tactics allowed us to widen the client’s reach and establish authority through organic methods. 


Within the first three months of their rebrand, Canna Companions experienced:


  • A whopping 245% sales increase

  • A conversion rate increase of 16.7%

  • Mailing list subscribers grew by over 1,500

Led to extraordinary results:


Increase in Sales





Subscribers 30 days

after relaunch


"I feel like I’m getting so much value for my dollar. Your team has been amazing to work with, and we are definitely moving in the direction of the brand that I want to move in. I am definitely a happy customer, and I would refer Dunlavey Solutions to anyone, anytime."


—Sarah Brandon, Owner

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