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Email Portfolio

We are proud of the success our clients have achieved through our high-converting email marketing campaigns. Our approach focuses on engaging your target audience through user experience and buyer psychology.


Through consistent testing and refining, we have developed a formula that delivers results.


Take a closer look at some of our recent projects and see for yourself how we can help you.

Email Sequences

Our email sequences are strategically designed to blast through your sales funnel and deliver consistent brand messaging that builds trust with your clients.


Our engaging content is tailored to the interests of your clients, making them more likely to open and engage with your emails.


With our proven email sequences, you can expect exceptional results and high engagement with your target audience—every time.


Welcome Email

Subject Line:  There’s no place like Lulalu

Preview Text:  Welcome to a future of more comfortable bras and underwear

Email Content:

Hi <NAME>,

Thanks for joining the Lulalu email family. We use this list to let our favorite customers know about new products and styles, exclusive discounts, and a lot more. We promise we’ll always keep these updates useful and brief, because who has time for junk emails?

We started Lulalu after years of frustration with standard “Petite” sizing. Too many A cup bras have bulky, unwanted padding prone to gapping and strap slippage. We redesigned the A cup bra from the ground up, to give you the most comfortable bra you’ve ever worn.

Lulalu — bras for every body.


CTA:  Learn more about Lulalu

Abandoned Cart Email

Subject Line:  Don’t forget about that cart...

Preview Text:  Better underwear is ready when you are


Email Content:

Hi <NAME>,

It looks like you left a full shopping cart behind at Lulalu.

We’re holding onto your order for the next 48 hours, so come back soon and check out with the most comfortable underwear you’ve ever worn.

Now is the time to bring some Lulalu into your life. It’s time to try a bra that actually fits.

Our most popular styles are constantly selling out (we’re working on it!), so you’ll want to move fast.

CTA:  Finish my purchase.


Training Mask
Limited Time Offer Email

Subject Line:  Your deal just exploded (in a good way)

Preview Text:  Save 20% at Training Mask RIGHT NOW


Email Content:

We just kicked your discount up to 20%, <NAME>.

Now is the perfect time to grab an elite, performance boosting Training Mask. Get the same intensity the pros get at an incredible price.


Just enter CODE at checkout to grab your VIP discount but don’t wait too long…this deal expires in less than 48 hours.

Ready. Set. GO.


CTA:  Get my edge and save 20%

Wine Awesomeness
Last Chance Email

Subject Line:  Your deal is almost gone!

Preview Text:  This discount is down to its final drops

Email Content:

We’re pretty jazzed about the huge discount we’re offering right now:
20% off on 12 bottles, 15% off on 6 bottles.

That’s a lot of savings.

That’s a lot of wine.

We’re down to the final sip on this deal, which expires in 24 hours. Don’t miss out!

Enter <CODE> at checkout to claim your deal.


CTA: Don’t miss this deal!

Luma & Leaf.png

Luma & Leaf

Abandoned Cart Email

Subject Line:  Don’t forget your skincare!

Preview Text:  Your cart is waiting...


Email Content:

Your product is on its… Oh wait. It’s in your cart.

Come back and grab it before another member of the Clean Skin Club does!

What’s in a Leaf?

Luma & Leaf’s broad-spectrum cannabidiol has the ability to shield the body from oxidative stress, helping soothe, repair and provide immersive relief to a wide range of skin issues. CBD’s botanical properties penetrate deep below the skin’s surface to help restore your skin to its most youthful and luminous state.

We’ve paired that with other plant-based, skin-loving ingredients like vitamin C, olive-derived squalane, bakuchiol, hyaluronic acid, and green tea to refresh, soothe, and support healthy skin.

Nature has the hookup on everything you need for super-simple, highly effective skincare.

CTA: Take me home

Luma & Leaf
Upsell Email

Subject Line:  Clean skincare is on the way!

Preview Text:  Thank you for ordering Luma & Leaf


Email Content:

Clean skincare powered by plants is headed your way.

We’re excited, too.

Wondering how to fit your new Luma & Leaf goodness into your existing routine? That’s where we come in. We’re a team of real people, with real skin, who love to help.

And when you’re ready to add some other essentials from the L&L lineup to that go-to spot next to your sink, we’ll be here.

CTA:  Build my collection!


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