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Jacqui's Story

From teen mom and high school dropout to celebrated coach and author Jacqui Letran has dedicated her life to helping people transform their lives by sharing the lessons she learned the hard way. She specializes in facilitating positive teen and parent relationships with her coaching, course offerings, and books.

Jacqui had built a good-sized coaching practice despite not having a public presence. The problem was that English wasn't her first language, and she was scared she'd come across as unprofessional in her messaging. She had so much experience and qualifications! She could sense that she was ready to scale, but that fear kept holding her back. Something had to give.

It wasn't until she took a good look at her professional goals and desires that she finally decided to move past her doubts and invest in professional copywriting so that she could claim the booming business she knew was in her future. That's when Jacqui and Dunlavey Solutions connected and began a fruitful relationship that has produced amazing results.


These are their stories.

Brand Storytelling

Finding the balance between Jacqui's authentic voice and her 'American' voice was a challenge but thanks to a series of calls to get to know her better, I was able to craft brand messaging that captured her spirit and felt natural to her and would resonate with her audience.


With many pages and multiple offerings, creating the copy for Jacqui's website required working closely with a web designer for conversion-optimized copy and layout. Jacqui was thrilled with the finished product. Within three months, her website had a conversion rate of 6.5% and a visit average of five minutes.


As part of my startup services, I created Jacqui's sales pages. She wanted consistency between the two, so we got to work on balancing creativity with a structure to create powerful sales copy that drives decisive action. How do we know? Conversion rates in the first three months for both sales pages grew to 24% and 31%, respectively. 


When funding fell through for Jacqui's book, Dunlavey Solutions knew just what to do. With plenty of results to share, I crafted an emotionally gripping appeal that was so successful that Jacqui reached her campaign goal in two weeks.


Content Strategy

Jacqui had no clue about how to create or use content to promote her business, and that put her at a huge disadvantage. Working together, we created a plan that was efficient, engaging, and, most importantly, easy for her to maintain. 


Business is all about the email list, so I created a lead generator package to supercharge Jacqui's growth. With 'show, don't tell' in mind, I created a guide that was both valuable and left the reader eager to learn more. The lead magnet was a hit with conversion rates within the first three months rising to an astonishing 27%.


Jacqui wanted to convey the value of her products, not just list off basic details. I considered what the buyer hoped to gain from their purchase to create product descriptions that have resulted in over $75k in sales. Not too shabby for self-published



English isn't Jacqui's first language, and even though she knew her work inside and out, she felt self-conscious about writing a book herself. Since I am also a ghostwriter and she already knew the quality of my copywriting work, she was happy to choose me to work with on her first book. Our collaboration was so successful that when she was ready to write another book, she reached out again. 

Her book sales resulted in a 427% increase in enrolled coaching clients in the first three months and eventually led to her successful podcast, Stop The Bully Within.


A Copywriter

That Gets It

I knew that I needed very compelling copy to connect with potential clients. I reached out to Dunlavey Solutions, and after a quick chat with Raquel, I knew she was the one to help me.

Customized Solutions

I didn't have a lot of time to devote to marketing so when Dunlavey Solutions came up with a strategy that began working immediately, I was thrilled.

The Numbers

Don't Lie

I didn't realize until we'd been working together for a while how careful and strategic she had been with my budget. I thought I couldn't afford to invest, but every project got results so fast that they quickly paid for themselves.

Calling All


I am very happy with Dunlavey Solutions. If you're a coach that wants to increase your business, I highly recommend Raquel for your copy and ghostwriting needs.

Lasting Benefits

Expect More When You Work With Dunlavey Solutions

The collaboration with Jacqui Letran was one of my favorite projects because the results were clear.

Our biggest accomplishment is that I helped her gain confidence in her ability to connect authentically with her ideal client. She wasn't afraid to use her voice to promote her business anymore. 

Increased exposure and tons more clients. Award-winning books. And a sustainable system to keep it all going without it getting overwhelming—all thanks to the kind of strategic, customized service you'll enjoy when you choose Dunlavey Solutions.

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