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Are you looking for a talented content writer that understands the importance of your goal? Content is king, especially for organic marketing. I use SEO best practices in my writing while also adding elements of copywriting to draw the reader in and keep them engaged.

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Alternative Treatments for Women's Health

Covering methods of self care to enchance the lives of women suffering from chronic conditions. Provided realistic, easily achievable solutions that any woman can implement.


100 Empowered Voices:

Stories of Covid-19 Lockdown, Vol. 3

I was selected by a publisher in the UK to co-author a book sharing my experience as a woman during the global lockdown in 2020.


User-Centric Best Practices That Will Get You More Sales

I was tasked with writing an article about the importance of website UI/UX design. Taking that directive, I created an engaging piece that focused on how a properly designed website will increase sales.


5 Ways Undiagnosed ADHD Could Be Ruining Your Life

An article sharing the surprising ways that ADHD affects women. I wanted to empower women with the knowledge that their 'quirks' should be evaluated to make sure it's not part of a bigger problem.


Sales Tax Payable Accounting Basics

An article explaining how to properly record sales tax payable in your company's general ledger. The target audience is freelancers, however the ultimate goal was to encourage the reader to start a freelance accounting business.


Colon vs. Semicolon: When and How to Use Them

An in-depth exploration of the rules governing the proper use of colons and semicolons when writing. The target audience was freelance writers.


Expert’s Guide to Starting and Running Your Own Freelance Accounting Business

An article educating and encouraging freelancers to start their own accounting business, ostensibly through Upwork.

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Purple Carrot Review

A review of a popular meal subscription service. I received their delivery service and prepared the meals to adequately write on this subject.

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Quantifiable Success

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Quantifiable Success

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