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Grow Your Coaching Business: How a Customer Journey Map Can Change Everthing

Image of a Map Representing How You Can Close Sales Faster and Cheaper When You Combine a Customer Journey Map With Your Content Strategy

Listen up y’all, I’ve got a tasty knowledge nugget for you today. As a copywriter and content creator/strategist, I live and breathe all things content. I'm always cooking up mesmerizing case studies or inspiring sales pages.

Here's what I know in my bones: Content strategy WORKS. There's no doubt about it. But beyond that, I've got some exciting news. Add one magical ingredient, and your definition of 'working' will never be the same!

That magical ingredient? Here it is:

Customer Journey Mapping

Think of it as a vision board where instead of you ending up on a TedX stage while holding a gold medal, you’re plotting your client’s path to successfully working with you. Both are equally amazing, right?  With customer journey mapping, you’ll consider every step they take on their buyer's journey so that you can be there for them at every point like a wise sherpa that they never knew they needed.

It’s Worth the Effort!

If you’re like most coaches, you already know that content is the key to making an impact in the coaching world, and the struggle to create and promote your content can get overwhelming at times (not to mention costly).

But here's what you may not know – when you combine it with the superpower of customer journey mapping, it becomes an unstoppable force! It's like combining the speed of a racing car with the precision of a laser-guided missile. 

In this article, we’ll go over what a Customer Journey Map is as well as its benefits, and access to a FREE step-by-step guide with everything you need to begin creating your CJM today.


Understanding the Customer’s Journey 

A magnifying glass helps us see details that we normally miss. A customer journey map does the same.

At this very moment, somebody is likely considering your business as a solution and is educating themselves with your content. And you probably have at least one customer thinking about repurchasing a course or coaching package from you. These two buyers are at different points in their journey. 

If you know someone is in the awareness stage, you’ll have a different conversation with them than with someone who’s in the decision stage and has already recognized some companies that can help them with their problem.

By understanding the customer journey, you can make sense of the data collected during each stage and use it to inform decisions that will optimize your customer’s experience. 


How Can a Customer Journey Map Grow My Coaching Business?

A customer journey map is a powerful visual tool that businesses of all sizes use to help them understand the micro-moments that make up their ideal customer's path within their sales funnel. It can either be a physical map or a digital chart or graph. 

It captures the full journey, from when the customer becomes aware of their problem and then your company, to what happens after they submit their order and beyond. 

But how does that grow your coaching business?

By meeting your prospect's content needs and organizing your processes, you are positioning yourself as an expert, creating an ecosystem that creates an exceptional client experience, and speeding up your sales process. Stay tuned, we'll go over all of the benefits of creating a customer journey map to grow your coaching business.


How A Customer Journey Map Changes Your Content Strategy

A strategic board game, similar to the touchpoints you'll uncover as you map your customer's journey.

Changing your content strategy by creating a customer journey map helps you plan and strategize your content to reach your target audience more effectively. 

By mapping out the customer's journey, you can:

  • Identify critical touchpoints

  • Be strategic with your marketing dollars

  • Track customer behavior

  • Measure the success of your campaigns

  • Create content that’s optimized for experience, not just SEO

With this information, you can easily make adjustments to improve the effectiveness of your content strategy. 


Top 7 Benefits of Creating a Customer Journey Map to Grow Your Coaching Business

The benefits of creating a customer journey map to use with your content marketing strategy cannot be overstated!

An image with the word benefits illustrates the top seven benefits of creating a customer journey map for your content strategy..

1. Be connected on a deeper level

By mapping out the customer journey, you'll have a bird's-eye view of what's going on in your customers' heads. This can uncover areas where they might be struggling, needing more support, or craving more inspiration. 

This can be especially helpful for coaches, whose clients are often battling resistance and need more nurturing before they commit. By having these insights, you can create content that connects on a deeper level and helps you stand out from the crowd.

2. Bring the heat with captivating, tailored content

By connecting the dots between customer journey and content strategy, you can deliver content that taps into your customers' unique needs. This helps to ensure your blog posts, webinars, and social media content speak directly to their pain points and ultimate goals. This is how you’ll become your client’s business bestie!

A woman pointing to a graph chart that indicates the kind of growth you'll experience when you combine a customer journey map with your content strategy.

3. Level up your impact

By shaping your content around the customer journey, you can deliver content that truly moves the needle for your ideal customers. This makes your services irresistible, helps to generate leads, and drives growth. 

4. Work smarter, not harder

Mapping out the customer journey highlights the touchpoints where your customers are most likely to interact with your content. This helps shape your marketing efforts to have the biggest impact, qualify leads, and help you reach new levels of success.

5. Be their safe space

A smiing woman sits back in her chair. She's satisfied because she can now work smarter,  not harder thanks to her customer journey map.

Be the ‘ahhhh’ in their life. When you have a deep understanding of the customer journey, you can see where there might be gaps in your content strategy. This can help you develop more targeted, specialized, or engaging content that fulfills those needs while enhancing your customer's experience of your services. 

6. Speed up your sales process

Say goodbye to slow and stagnant sales! By aligning your content strategy with customer journey mapping, you'll quickly guide your buyers from "hello" to "heck yes!" They'll be so captivated by the seamless experience you create that they won't be able to resist taking the next step.

7. Save time and money 

You don’t need to have the biggest marketing budget to be an industry leader. And you can forget about wasting resources on content that goes unnoticed. With customer journey mapping, you'll create content optimized for both their journey and your SEO. Say goodbye to trial and error and hello to efficient, effective content that hits the bullseye every time!


Supercharge Your Coaching Business with Our Free Guide to Creating Your Customer Journey Map

Picture of Your Roadmap to Explosive Growth, a free guide that will change the future of your business. Click image to sign up.

We've created an exclusive, step-by-step guide to creating your customer journey map with the tools to easily create your own map to self-sustaining success. 

The Benefits are Outstanding

You'll fine-tune your content performance, skyrocket your sales, and create unparalleled customer experiences. Your competitors won't know what hit them as you dominate the coaching industry, leaving a trail of satisfied clients and raving referrals in your wake.

Transform Your Coaching Business Today

Claim your FREE guide and embark on a thrilling adventure towards unprecedented growth and prosperity. The only limit is your determination. It's time to seize this golden opportunity and harness the power of customer journey mapping and content strategy!


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